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Indie Collection

Indie Collection
is a digital library presenting
a curation of independent

This project is a repository.
The price list and book
availability, should be used
only as indicators of the
book market.
When the price is missing,
you will find the mention
‘NPY’ for 'not provided yet’.
If you wish to check pricing
or/and buy the book, click
on the icon LINK, to access
the publisher’s page.

“ were so many people, you could fill a room all by yourself. you gave so much to those you loved without any hesitation or hidden agendas. you were a twister, a volcano, balanced on a tightrope above bottomless abyss…”

Nan Goldin’s tribute to Gigi Giannuzzi after his death, celebrates his ten-year riot called Trolleybooks. So why The Indie Collection? To stand by the publishers and celebrate their independence and acute eye for what needs to wake us up and what needs to last.

For their unconditional love for artists followed by long nuits blanches and uneven checks and balances. And for the social cultural role of the printed object; a dam and milestone leaning against the digital content deluge.

A space for collaboration.
A spaceship for critical thinking.
A micro-chip on our shoulder.